Maroleau David, Chef

Maroleau David, Chef

David Maroleau


Restaurant Le 5 Codet, Paris
Style : The culinary style is cosmopolitan, a fusion of French cuisine and international influences with a pronounced taste for acidulous.
Signature dish : Organic prawns tartare, kohihikari rice and lemongrass broth

Professional career of the one who’s today the executive chef of the so chic restaurant in 5 stars hôtel le 5 Codet Paris looks like his cuisine: both are under the best of internationals influences.
But even if he started his career in U.S, California with Wolfgang Puck in Palo Alto and in Florida at the Four seasons Palm Beach at only 20 with his BTS in the pocket, David Maroleau stayed close to his beloved city of french west coast: La Rochelle. It’s here beside his cordon bleu’s mother that everything started, she gave him the virus of cooking and once virus in his blood David worked hard to learn perfectly his job, he multiplies skills with Michelin stars. Indeed, when he left America he comes back in Europe in Paris to work in Plaza Athénée (Ducasse) and George V (Philippe Legendre) then he went to London worked for Conran, the Ritz and the Greenhouse and Paris again with a significative experience with Michel Troigros at the Lancaster who will let a trace on Maroleau’s cuisine. Since he tooks control during 11 years of kitchens of the so glamourous Montalembert Hotel in the 7th arrondissement where his talent illuminates the plates. Owners of the 5 stars hotel le 5 Codet where he is working now let David himself find the name of the new restaurant.
In the well named Chiquette menu changes every 6 weeks offering a fusion cuisine sophisticated and generous.

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