Lucas Vincent, One Star Chef

Lucas Vincent, One Star Chef

Vincent Lucas

Restaurant Etincelles – La Gentilhommière

One Star Chef

Style : French Gastronomy, modern, creative and visual
Signature dishes : Shellfish and eggplant with pesto, Pecorino and raw garlic, zest of citron
Trout as a gravlax, flowers and shoots of my garden, condiment apricot-cider
Vincent graduated in 1994 and began his training at the “Cantine des Gourmets” with Philippe Bardau. Three years later at the “Fermes de Marie” in Megève with Nicolas Lebec and then with René Gillard at the “Esplanade”. He decided to travel a little and moved to Saint Barthelemy, Oxford, Monaco …
In 2001, he took over La Villa Morelia at Jausiers in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where he obtained his first star in 2006.
He decided to create with his wife their own house: “La Gentilhommière”, guest house in which they open the restaurant “Etincelles” in the Périgord.
From the first year, he is again distinguished from a star.
He defines his own kitchen:
“My Cuisine is a Contrast between simplicity and complexity, with alliances of multiple but quite distinct flavors, like an invisible and refined cuisine. Respecting the product in its entirety or creating new tastes: the result of an imagination often related to dreams and instinct. Here is a spontaneous cuisine weaving its way among the seasons, a cuisine of feelings, spurred by the heart. My culinary philosophy does not change on the way, but adapts itself to fashion and the passage of time, then follows its own desires and its chef outbursts, always on the spot. As for me, my dishes are more often than not created solely with the spirit and memories, without try-out, and then it is the “Open” client who tries out and comments on. It is all about experimenting and the quest for the “Good”, on a path strewn with joys, gratitude, and an everlasting learning process. Obviously, cooking is permeated with emotions, so how could it be completely controlled when the menu is created from day to day, without a safety net, in a spontaneous and instinctive way? My cooking comes from the heart and I cannot imagine spending days and weeks to work up a dish. Feelings are not well-thought-out and a dish shouldn’t be too much either. What greater reward than to make people enjoy a product they usually dislike! The sequence of courses leads to pleasure and it is the success of the meal as a whole that will create a memory (or not).”
@ Crédit Photos : Claude Prigent

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