Jeffroy Patrick, Two Stars Chef

Jeffroy Patrick, Two Stars Chef

Patrick Jeffroy

Chef, Two Stars

Restaurant Hôtel de Carantec

Style : A subtle alliance of land and sea, combining Breton flavors with Asian flavors
Signature Dishes : Oatmeal Krasenn, pig head with bulk, ribot milk and very fine buckwheat cakes,
Pressed with herb cake, artichokes and wakame in shallot vinaigrette, coconut milk and Thai curry
Patrick Jeffroy, a doubly-starred chef in Carantec
45 years of profession and a passion always intact
His immoderate love for cooking and products came to him from his earliest childhood, in his grandmother's kitchen garden in Saint Martin des Champs, or on the beach of Guerzit in Plougasnou, where he already enjoyed crunching the algae to keep the taste iodized in the mouth.
The discovery of vegetables and their artistic form, the magic of a cast iron casserole on the stoves, the smell of roasting meat … and sweet memories of childhood at the origin of a vocation traced!
At just 15 years old, he began his apprenticeship on the job and at random meetings. His revelations as a young apprentice? The gourmet cuisine and definitely turned towards the sea of M. Bohic at the hotel Porspol of Carantec. Revelation also for the refined and gastronomic cuisine of chef Nicolas de l'Auberge du Poher in Port de Carhaix. Values and influences that will never leave him.
He then worked for many houses in his native Brittany, notably at the restaurant Kerliviou in Locquénolé, formerly awarded a Michelin star. An indefatigable traveler, he also criss-crosses the country and the globe, makes a two-year stopover in Côte d'Ivoire and stops in Paris, the Val d'Isère or the Forêt de Compiègne where he learns game cooking.
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In 1979, when he returned to his Morlaix country, he became the chef of the restaurant of Europe and obtained his first star in 1984. He was consecrated by the media and the press thanks to a revolutionary recipe and largely inspired by His powerful interest in the history of humanity and cooking. It will thus be the forerunner of cooking fish on polished pebbles, an idea straight out of Claude Levi-Strauss's work, “Le vin et le cuit”.
He then left Morlaix in 1988 to create his own house in Plounérin, which was rewarded a year later by a new star.
It is in 2000 that the chef discovers the view of the hotel de la Falaise, an old building of the 30s in Carantec, of which he falls in love. Renamed The Hotel de Carantec, the places are highlighted in a refined style to magnify the sea in cinemascope. And this is how the Carantecque adventure began 13 years ago. In 2001, he obtained a first star and in 2002, his “subtle alliance of classicism and mastered inventiveness” earned him a second star in the famous red guide.
Defender of Brittany and intrepid traveler
Patrick Jeffroy embodies the most beautiful values of Brittany: the passion of the sea, travel and discovery, but also the attachment for this country to marked identity and strong traditions.
In love with the product and obstinate defender of the region, he likes to marry the most beautiful of the land and the sea. First chef, 30 years ago, to serve on the same plate of Guémené and rouget, he adores to confront the gustatory powers offered by Breton nature.
With always the taste of childhood, he reinvents the cuisine of our region, the one that nourished the poor, simple and rustic, with a passion always new.
Oat porridge, ribot milk, “cochonnaille”, shellfish, crustaceans, Roscoff onion, artichoke, cauliflower … the quality local products are numerous on his table and his inspiration is infinite.
To this, this intrepid traveler adds his exotic discoveries, disguised during a stay in Asia or a stopover in South America. His passion for Japan and the cuisine of seaweed is also found in his plates, whose alliances magnify the product without ever losing it. According an other guide, his cuisine possesses “the intelligence of the sea, […] which makes him find the major, new, known, spicy, Asian, botanical, The exotic … “. Her motto, that of remaining simple with nature, is always respected.